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It’s OK to feel proud to the fact that international criminals such as “El Chapo” or colombian drug-lord “Pablo Escobar” were stopped by US involvement but you need to understand that there are things way bigger and wicked than what Chapo or Escobar ever imagined, please keep reading: Small country, big hell.

The reality is that life without war is impossible. The basis of physical, mental, moral and even SPIRITUAL life is antagonism. It is an open fact that war can destroy but also create and I’m not talking of war as a business and jobs generator, I’m talking about this: Freedom and prosperity always had a price in blood.

I know big media is strongly opposed to the idea of giving military help to Venezuelan resistance in order to restore their freedom from cubans, russians and iranians. The New York Times, RT, CNN, Washington Post, and other biased journalists are prone to the idea of keeping “The New Hitler Of The Americas” in power. If mass murder, famine, and tyranny do not change your mind maybe you are being naive believing the press, but I have 12 powerful reasons for you to reconsider: 

1.- Venezuela is already intervened, their government is totally controlled by The Castro’s from Cuba and between the Chinese and the Russians, they own all of their economy (vast reserves of gold, minerals, gas and oil). Venezuelans protesting and dying in the streets are not fighting against Maduro but against an international criminal mafia they will never get rid off without any assistance. Hezbollah has military bases inside Venezuela. Venezuelans do not own their country, they did not even elect Maduro in a free election, the only election chavistas won without sham was the first one (1999) and by then, actually Chavez was promising “capitalism and trade relationships with the US at that time, you cannot say “venezuelans deserve that for voting socialist” when actually most people were inspired to support Chavez after Bill Clinton received him in the White House and offered him the best relationships and trade support. After 1999, every single election was rigged by cuban intelligence using the “SmartMatic” system. You just have to google this if you don’t believe it.

 2.- This is not a Conspiracy; It´s happening: Dems love to point out that Trump retaliation with the regime its only a show for getting cuban-venezuelan votes (over 421.000 legal venezuelans live in USA) or because of OIL but fact is the European Union and Canada also show support for the liberty cause and America its not an external oil dependant for the first time in history. The fact US Govt supports the opposition to take the power does not make it something the CIA is making. This is a common left wing talking point–every time there is a military coup against a leftist, and the US is pleased, suddenly the CIA did it. Accurate only in the conspiratorily-minded who see the nefarious hand of the CIA in every turn of global events. People, this is true. We can consider the venezuelan topic mainstream now but venezuelans have been protesting and craving for freedom almost for every month (over 2 decades in a row).

 3.- We have already tried everything: We have not deposed the regime in 20 years of elections, dialogues and brutal street conflicts because our people are disarmed, hungry and trying to survive. Way too many young people have been shot, raped and brutally tortured just for standing against evil. The 90% of our mainstream and recognized political “opposition” is actually a plant from the dictatorship. The international community of nations tried everything as well, from financial pressure to long-term oil embargos, from firing ambassadors to sentences in Hague. The military’s loyalty is enforced by Cubans embedded within the armed forces. Plus, due to gun control, firearms export regulations and currency controls the Venezuelan diaspora are essentially prevented from helping. It is largely a fantasy to believe an unarmed and starving population (like Jews in nazi concentration camps) can just rise up and overthrow a military tyrant. One must fight force with force. Founding Fathers wouldn’t start independence without guns.

 4.- When facing evil, being neutral is not an option: The United States has diplomatic relations with foreign countries and therefore must decide who it recognizes as its counterpart. There is no avoiding a decision like this. The US must either recognize Maduro, recognize Guaido or recognize no one. This is not about the US enforcing their constitution to others, this is about the US establishing relations with a counterpart and determining who can and who cannot be an “ambassador” or who is accountable for ownership of assets like bank accounts, visas, oil revenues and properties. This is also about having human empathy, if your neighbor next door is always abusing and beating his wife you’d probably call 911 and that’s not “interfering”, that’s your moral duty, specially when we talk about MILLIONS of malnourished kids, helpless seniors, separated families and a whole bunch of human pain, this is not boogaloo crap or a toilet paper scarcity joke, this is real, deep and profound suffering caused by psycopaths with more power and greed than comic-book villains.

 5.- You cannot ignore reality: War is terrible, that’s a true for all people and all wars, yet the experience is Americans live in security, prosperity and political freedom like nowhere else in the world thanks to the fact they secured themselves from both the british colonizers and the nazi threat. Thanks to American involvement communism was defeated and nowadays world terrorists like ISIS have an enemy they fear. It is common to hear that “we need to focus in our own problems”, I think it is true but that is no reason to ignore Hezbollah training camps, Russian influence or Sex trafficking in Venezuela, specially when Maduro´s drug mafia is using american financial system and the harm that is making in America´s backyard include strong American allies like Colombia. Not doing anything is also doing, if you choose to be neutral you chose to keep the oppressor in business (usually for things like “Venezuela is part of the UN Human Rights Counsel”). 

6.- We will never forget: Nearly 50.000 Americans live in Venezuela, some of them with their families (most of them came when the country was safe and prosperous 20 years ago, they have their family stablished in the country and among them you can find businessmen, engineers and gospel missionaries). Many Americans are in jail just for the “being American” issue. Americans living in the country were really mistreated by govt. Many American journalists are still in Venezuelan prisons, many American companies, properties, and factories have been expropriated with ALL their assets by the Chavista government. CITGO american executives were imprisoned in a business travel to Caracas. If it’s not enough Americans have been ridiculed and derided in almost every public allocution of the tyrant, american flags are burned every month. The threat to American people in Venezuela is so big Washington had to close their Embassy in Caracas. Is it not the responsibility of a Government for the people and by the people to protect its citizens? 

 7.- Irak or Vietnam were a real deal, this is easy cake: I know you’ve heard about Iranian, Chinese, Cuban and Russian troops in Venezuela. But even when it’s enough for keeping an entire disarmed population under control actually it is not a big deal for Marines. Most of those troops serve more as repressors of mass protests for the dictatorship that actually a military power. Invading Venezuela will be so easy it could last a couple of days or even less. Their military are poorly trained, demoralized, unpatriotic and there’s a lot of video evidence they are scared chickens. Venezuela is the size of Texas (same territory, same population) but all their military power is only concentrated in Caracas (the size of Manhattan), in Venezuela people record videos of the very poor military training they offer, please google “entrenamiento miliciano“, those videos are supposed to be a warning sign to the US, but watch a couple of them, you’re gonna have lots of fun.

 8.- Take a look at HISTORY; The US Independence from the British Crown: Achieved thanks to French and Spanish intervention. Independence of Europe from the Nazi Reichstag: Achieved thanks to the USA, England, and Russia. Independence of South American countries from the Spanish Crown: Achieved thanks to the intervention of England and Venezuela. Do you see a pattern? YES. Nobody can fight alone against a murder machine, the rebels who are fighting alone and unarmed against a tyrannical regime that exterminates their citizens ALWAYS ask for assistance, support and external financing. Nowadays more than ever foreign influences – even when it comes to ideas – are always present in an increasingly global world. 

Venezuela was one of the first democracies of the Hemisphere, in a time where dictators ruled South America, John F. Kennedy decided to support Venezuela as the only democracy and friend of the USA in the region, we were once the freest country and even the great Ronald Reagan considered Venezuela the strongest democracy in Latin America by the time of his mandate.

 9.- Venezuela is ready: Commander Craig Faller said he’s ready. Bolsonaro loves the idea. Erik Prince already said he can do all the job without tax-payers money. The legitimate Supreme Court of Venezuela (TSJ En Exilio) is requesting a military intervention, the DEA set a price: 15 MM dollars for Maduro’s head, the OAS loves the idea, there are underground right-wing political parties being formed waiting for freedom to come, Guaidó authorized Venezuela to return to The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, and the most important thing: Most Venezuelan citizens (like me) agree to the idea. 

 10.- Your pocket is already involved: You didn’t know it but you have skin in the game, your hard earned tax-payers money is already being spent in helping with aid to the migrant crisis (6 million Venezuelans already left their country in the biggest migrant caravan ever known in history after the syrian refugee crisis). Mike Pence tweeted US Govt already gave $213 millions in humanitarian assistance. USAID gave Guaido’s team $430 MM. But if Maduro is not stopped (and now) all that money will be wasted and will never be returned back in trade deals and investments. Remember how Maduro burned the food your pocket donated to venezuelans? American oil company Chevron invested 100MM dollars in 2006, imagine all that lost. I was talking to one of my veteran friends about the cost of war the other day and he told me something like this: “Honestly, to have 200.000 soldiers deployed overseas, who enrolled to do something significant for their lives and country, cleaning all day and bored in their military bases sounds more expensive than a 30-day operation in a sunny caribbean country full of beautiful ladies and soldiers who run like chickens when they see a drone.”

 11.- Venezuela is a real threat. When Iranian terrorist Gen. Suleimani was killed by a US drone, Venezuela was the only country in giving him a post-mortem tribute. Caracas is the only place in the continent with a North Korean Embassy and Kalashnikov factories (Russian machine guns), Maduro is funding FARC in Colombia, he is funding the Ortega regime in Nicaragua but is also funding Hezbollah and is a big promoter of Iran, Palestine, and Turkey. The Center For A Secure And Free Society conducted an investigation which result was that the Iranian Embassy in Caracas is used as a laboratory for spreading terrorism, also is known that Venezuela is always providing passports to terrorists so they can move freely around the globe. The DEA is following from many years “El Cartel De Los Soles” which is the biggest drug cartel in the hemisphere, linked to the Venezuelan government and laundering their money in american financial system. They are doing the greatest food scheeme to scam many. Maduro is even calling Puerto Rico to be independent. The list goes on. If it’s not enough remember Cuba’s friend Barack Obama recognized Venezuela was an unusual and extraordinay threat to the peace of the Hemisphere, I mean, even socialist Obama, really?

 12.- This is not the typical “banana republic” story: A coup is an attempt to depose a government, not a mafia cartel. Maduro runs a mafia, not a government. It is incorrect to call opposition’s attempts to restore the rule of law to Venezuela as a coup. But let’s say it is a government, well it was elected in sham elections and it has no international legitimacy.  Nearly every single nation has left Venezuela alone but America, now, you guys as world leaders have a responsibility in the Hemisphere, as the greatest military power in the world remember what you had to recite every morning in the school: ““One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL.””

More than thoughts and prayers

OK, so.. WHAT CAN YOU DO? We all know politicians nowadays won’t do anything for principles, they will only do something if they believe it will get them votes. Keep voting Republican, start a pledge at WeThePeople, contact your congressman, send him/her this article and share it in social media. Tell people around you socialism is wrong and that Venezuela needs help. Support with a couple bucks the local venezuelan think tank advocating for free markets, help american individuals who are giving it all for a free Venezuela like Lawrence Reed, Hunter Collins, Kyle Varner, Zach Foster, Michael Bennett who are taking decisive involvement in the development of a freer future for all Venezuelans.

Thank you for reading me! I hope someday you can travel for tourism, business or love to a free Venezuela! You’re gonna love it. We love americans and how they fight for their rights and the rights of everyone.

As a Christian, this was a difficult post for me. Human life is valuable. The Bible talks about a loving, forgiving and caring God but also about a God of JUSTICE, wrath and war – good and moral warsbut wars at the end. When that happens God himself is called “Jehovah Of Armies” in those verses. He gives terrible and eternal punishment to those who deserves it, my ultimate will is this conflict can be solved without any bloodshedding, please pray for Venezuela.




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