Vida Diamante

There are moments in the life of a man that makes him mature. At that point of maturity, men start to re-think and reconsider everything. It’s a breakthrough. A tipping point. Some men may go to war, some may find the love of their lives. It could be a spiritual experience, a millionaire idea, a good trip or a great loss. Anyways, we are never going to be the same after that event.

For example, my grandfather Santiago, had this moment too. When he was a teenager he changed everything in his future when he moved from a poor Venezuelan village to the city of Caracas, to access better education and find better jobs and opportunities. Eventually, he met my grandma, and made his way to the top, among the elites. That was an inflection point in his life without a doubt.

In my case, that moment happened in July 9th of 2019. When my son was born. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was nervous, afraid, concerned, and excited. Had too much caffeine in my brain. I had not been able to sleep for a whole week. We were told it was a “High-Risk Delivery”. I saw the clock and it was past 3 pm. The nurse came to me and told me I could go ahead and hold the baby.

The mother was totally exhausted but with her smile, she told me everything was OK. I held his tiny body with my arms when he suddenly opened his eyes and looked at me. Such a profound look for a 1 day old. Was he trying to say something? I was trying to say: Welcome buddy! We stared at each other for around 5 minutes but it felt like an eternity. I will never forget that amazing feeling.

I was in complete silence but on the inside I was crying, singing, praising God, praying, saying thanks. A mixed of feelings. It was the most perfect moment I had in my life. There’s not a picture of it, nobody will ever know about it. But it’s OK. That moment was made for me. A precious gift. It remains in my heart as a treasure. It was the happiest day of my life. The best day of my life so far.

Since that day my life is totally different. There’s no doubt about it. There’s a “before” and an “after” little Leo came to the world. Because now I think about sacrifice. Now I think in working hard. And It’s all for him. Life has a different taste. This is a wonderful life, worth to be lived. Full of meaning. If he smiles I smile. Every canvas of my life is now painted with colors, crayons and toys everywhere. How did I survive so long without this vivid joy in my heart? I think I can die tomorrow and say that I lived a happy life full of joy… Just because of that day and what it meant to me.




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