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Are you looking for a language service provider? If so please consider carefully what I am about to expose. These are the secrets nobody will tell you when choosing the right company.

If you are a Medical Provider or an Insurance company in need of language services you must know the best interpreter companies are the ones who offer 4 valuable and distinctive qualities, if a company does not match the 4 criteria explained below you may disregard their services.

Our patients come first

It’s not all about good customer service. When choosing an Interpreting company the first thing that every member of the board has to get in mind is how can I get the best benefit for my patient at a lower price. Ask your sales rep if the company follows the 4 criteria for a great interpreting company:

  1. Their workers are mostly contractor interpreters: Contractors are usually better than employees and they are cheaper. The reason for this is that interpreting is exhausting mental work. Contractors are allowed to take their own time, get breaks when they need them and even take some days off to rest, the quality is boosted. Employees working 8-9 hours a day may have more benefits in their paycheck but have some difficulties when interpreting at 5 pm or on a Friday afternoon. Also, they’re more prone to get fired, give up or resign due to stress. Liberty works best.
  2. They offer an OTP service: Remote interpreters are cheaper than in-person interpreters and they get more quality assurance. Patients prefer audio to video when it comes to in-person visits. So, unless you are a Telehealth provider you don’t want to get a video service (and the sales rep will push you towards that because they get paid better for video, just refuse it). Video Interpreters have to be aware of many things like the camera, background, posture, proper hand gestures, and smiling. They have many stressors, some of them could even notice when they are under evaluation by a supervisor, Over the phone interpreters are only concerned about what they are listening to, and not about anything else. In addition to that most patients value privacy when at a doctor’s appointment. Over-the-phone (OTP) interpretation provides a better service for less money than in-person interpreters or Video-remote-interpreters (VRI).
  3. Lots of Interpreters on Demand available 24/7 and Holidays: You never know when you need an interpreter, an emergency may occur at any time. Sometimes waiting 15 or 20 minutes to get an interpreter could be a “life or death” situation to our patients. The best interpreting companies are those who offer LOTS of interpreters waiting for your call, instead of you having to wait for the interpreter to show up. Especially for Chinese and Spanish.
  4. They follow the HIPAA laws: Patients do care about their data. As a healthcare provider privacy is one of the most important things in your field. Legal issues may lower your federal funds or mess with your insurance score. Work with companies whose interpreters are HIPAA certified.

After detailed research I came up with the top 3 best interpreting agencies that fit best for patients and clients.


Cyracom International #1


Based in AZ with offices in United Kingdom and Latin America, Cyracom VOIANCE has become a leader in the industry and is one of the best companies when it comes to price-quality. They follow the 4 features described above. They also have a downloadable app.


VOYCE Global #2



Based in FL Voyce is growing faster offering top-quality service at a reasonable price. They follow the 4 features described above. They also have a downloadable app.


Globo #3

Based in PA. The new GLOBO includes all the features mentioned above but it has an extra: You literally never wait for an interpreter, they’re the fastest when it comes to answering a call. They also offer other services such as document translations.




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