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How To Benefit From The Government Shutdown

Welcome to REALITY. You can’t do anything about the national budget. We can’t stop inflation. Even if the Ukraine war finishes tomorrow, nothing will stop the government from spending tax-payers money in other countries. That’s why we need to stop focusing on what we can’t do. Because we can do something for ourselves, and I mean, as individuals.

As a Venezuelan I come from the future. Pay attention to my message.

A crisis is here, you can complain a lot, you can blame democrats/republicans, you may feel sad. But that won’t help your family. And by the way, don’t misunderstand me but there is NOTHING else to learn, there is a lot to DO. It does not matter how much you read Robert Kiyosaki or Dave Ramsey, you actually need to apply basic principles and DO IT. The time for enrolling in a 2-week seminar on Financial Education is past (WAY) due.

Don’t let fear panic you. In order to tackle the global recession caused by Covid-19 measures, I contacted the famous economist Peter C. Earle from AIER. You can watch the interview here (it’s both in English and Spanish).

I learned the hard way (living in communism) that having an emergency fund is crucial to weather financial uncertainties, including a world recession and a government shutdown. No matter how much you Aim to save three to six months’ worth of living expenses in a separate savings account.

This provides a financial cushion to cover essential expenses during a shutdown or any unexpected event. Reducing your debt burden can help alleviate financial stress during a government shutdown. Focus on paying off high-interest debt, such as credit cards, and consider refinancing loans to lower interest rates and monthly payments. Create a budget to track your income and expenses carefully. Identify non-essential expenses that you can temporarily cut back on or eliminate altogether during a shutdown. Prioritize essential expenses such as housing, food, utilities, and healthcare.

Paper is worthless. Saving in gold is the best advice ever. Gold is a store of value, acts as an inflation hedge, provides diversification, and has global demand. Gold is limited, its value comes from its scarcity. Every time they print money gold goes up. It preserves wealth during inflation and is not tied to specific currencies. However, gold prices can be volatile. Research and diversify investments based on goals and risk tolerance.

Diversifying your income can provide some financial stability during uncertain times.

Review Insurance Coverage: Ensure that you have appropriate insurance coverage, including health insurance, home/renters insurance, and car insurance. Review your policies to make sure they are up to date and provide adequate protection for unexpected events.

Stay Informed: Stay updated with the latest news and developments regarding the potential government shutdown. Understand how it may impact your industry, job, or local community. Being well-informed allows you to make proactive decisions and take necessary precautions.

Seek Assistance and Resources: In the event of an economic collapse mixed with a government shutdown, explore available assistance programs or resources that can provide temporary relief. This may include unemployment benefits, food assistance programs, or local community resources.

Evaluate Investments and Diversify: While investing in gold or other commodities can be a hedge against economic uncertainties, it’s important to have a well-diversified investment portfolio that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Consult with a financial advisor to assess your investment strategy and explore options that suit your individual situation.

How this will literally save you from the COVID-UKRAINE-Government Shutdown Crisis

How To Avoid The Government Shutdown and Financial Recession?, A friend of mine told me something interesting: The only thing that can defeat the system in any way is FAITH, so you gotta be a DREAMER and make things happen with the power of your faith. Owning your life is the answer. If you have access to Internet and your income is directly affected by a financial crisis it is YOUR FAULT, consider exploring alternative income sources. This could involve starting an online business, taking up an online part-time job, freelancing, or monetizing a skill or hobby.

A loss of a job or a “benefit” is nothing new to this world for anyone. We’ve either gone through it ourselves or know someone that has or both. This is exactly why I started working from home, and love working for myself.

Besides that, I earn more income than I did while I was working for someone else and even though we all want to believe our income is “safe” because it comes from the government, it is not true. Every day people wonder how to become rich. The truth is Money is not everything, but it is Food, Shelter, and Freedom…whether we want to admit to that or not, especially in times like this where your income was just terminated but the bills/expenses are still there.

Truth is, you cannot judge anyone. You see the regular guy or gal with a raggedy old t-shirt walk into a ferrari car dealership and might assume they don’t belong there when in reality they have enough money to buy out the entire dealership, if they wanted to. See, you no longer have to wear the suit and tie to make the big bucks…and its due to the incredible power of the internet! Some of those that work with Facebook or Apple are making more than those that had high professions with a huge clientele for decades.

Gold bar


Here’s the bottom line, The Internet is here to stay…and you are either a part of it or not. This is one opportunity train you do not want to miss You don’t want to be someone living with regret knowing you had the opportunity and never acted on it. Most people are only concerned with working the 9-5, till 65, and hoping they get a retirement package when they have done their time…..oh and try not to get fired in between all of that…and I feel for all of you that are suffering with this coming recession and government shutdown.

I believe that if you want to live life to its fullest, then you have to follow a simple rule: Don’t follow majorities. Do it NOW. Success is a choice and I know that may sound like something that is ‘a lot easier than it sounds’ but if really believe and trust that is certainly is only a choice in our own mind that we need to make…your life will transform, just like mine did.

I cannot stand having to live under someone else’s agenda. It’s just not in my blood, mind or heart, and I’m sure you can also understand why. At any moment, when living under someone else’s agenda changes, it affects you, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Just like the government changed its agenda, and now hundreds of thousands are out of a job because of the coming recession and government shutdown.

There is such a better way to live life and you deserve to live life on your agenda. Do the things you want to do, whenever you want to do them, with whomever you want to do them with. Not have to worry about you being terminated based on other’s decisions. You deserve to be able to take a week or two or three or heck even a full month off, and only have one boss in your life and that’s it (God… not your wife that is). Kidding with truth to that as well.

So I started working online beginning of 2022…very recent. I went on this search for something to work from home because I knew there was something out there that was legitimate and I don’t have to work for another boss again.

Let’s be real, there is a lot hype and people promising the world to you if you join a program, so on and so on. I was fortunate enough to have come across something right away that allowed me to make my first extra $500 online and I then knew there was truth and hope to have to work the way we are taught to our entire lives. I had the family relatives who doubted me from day one and told me not to waste my time, it would not work and just get a “real” job. There were times when I had my struggles in life and no true success comes without them.

This is only for those who are serious and really looking to make a difference not only in their own life but others as well. If you are inspired and/or resonate with my post and like to work together, then let’s make it happen, you certainly deserve it. Please do keep in mind, this is not for everyone because I only look to align myself around others that want to live their life to their fullest potential and help others to do the same. I feel for all the people that have been affected by this recession and government shutdown and so glad to be able to guide you never to have to go through something like this again.

This is not MLM, Ponzi or the usual Forex stuff. My solution is simple, we can provide a great service in the USA, using Latin American remote workers, you’re not going to be rich but you will tackle inflation and crisis: TEXT ME +1 864 775 8659 (Americans/Residents Only)




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