CHRONICLE – The Day I Oficially Requested An Intervention in Venezuela

I think you – American Tax-payer – need to know about this I’m about to share. This involves the money you work hard for, your pocket money. In a level you wouldn’t imagine. What I’m about to expose is pretty important for you to know. Please give me some minutes to explain my chronicle. TiredSigue leyendo «CHRONICLE – The Day I Oficially Requested An Intervention in Venezuela»

Just A Simple and Solitary Life

I wanted to share this with you all; President Ronald Reagan once read this following story for the Christmast special of 1982, please read carefully this powerful message: One Solitary Life: Here is a man who was born in an obscure village, the child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another village. HeSigue leyendo «Just A Simple and Solitary Life»

Trump is right: 12 REASONS why U.S must STOP Venezuela

It’s OK to feel proud to the fact that international criminals such as «El Chapo» or colombian drug-lord «Pablo Escobar» were stopped by US involvement but you need to understand that there are things way bigger and wicked than what Chapo or Escobar ever imagined, please keep reading: Small country, big hell. The reality isSigue leyendo «Trump is right: 12 REASONS why U.S must STOP Venezuela»

God is in TOTAL control of EVERYTHING

The Scripture provides us a clear explanation about the will of God on War, Disease, Death and yes, even Coronavirus. Yes, the God of the Bible sent illnesses and pestilences to wicked people and Jesus promises there will be plagues BUT the issue is that the standard we have of God nowadays is according toSigue leyendo «God is in TOTAL control of EVERYTHING»