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I think you – American Tax-payer – need to know about this I’m about to share. This involves the money you work hard for, your pocket money. In a level you wouldn’t imagine.

What I’m about to expose is pretty important for you to know. Please give me some minutes to explain my chronicle.

Tired of my social media, one day I started to scroll down on my old posts. While I was going through my old tweets, one of them appeared that I already thought I had forgotten.

I don’t know what I was doing that day. I’m not even sure if I was under the influence of a Whiskey. What a madness.

It is about the day I formally made a Petition to the White House for a Military Intervention to my country, Venezuela (although practically it is as if it had not happened).

Today I regret having done something like that, but I will share with you now how it actually happened, what motivation led me to do so, and all the process that took me there.


I have been in love with American Values ever since I was a kid. My family used to take me to the States in my childhood. I always wanted my country to become another America. From 2013 to 2018 I traveled each year to the States and some years even twice.

Because of that I joined to many pro-freedom and pro-democracy movements (and created many others also) with my friends and had a close contact with our allies at the American Embassy in Caracas. I started an English Academy. I represent two different American organizations in my country. Let’s say I worked hard to disseminate the American way of life in socialist Venezuela.

When I was in Venezuela I had several meetings with guys interested in the Venezuelan freedom, american guys, I mean people from the American Embassy. And I remember I always told them they needed to stop supporting our fake opposition and take real action against Chavez unless they wanted this crissi to become a regional one. I thought – by then – that our solutions may come from abroad.

When I was invited to a high-level meeting with the Department of State here in Lima, that was a breaking point for me. They were only interested in knowing how they could help us, they wanted to listen to us, unfortunately they were in front of the shadies and thugs of the monkey business called “Venezuelan opposition thread” who cannot smell money.

I was invited as a representative leader of the civil society, but the other “leaders” who were there carried folders full of projects and grant documents to receive funding. This was not about democracy and human rights, it was more about getting money for you know… people who are good at doing nothing but spending money. As every year.

I’ve been very prosperous (and it’s God’s grace since I don’t come from a wealthy background) to be honest but I felt I was such an idiot that I thought that we were really going to seek support for the freedom of Venezuela and I did not prepare a business plan or a few words to give a sales speech.

Because I never wanted American tax-payers money in my bank account, when I was there I realized for the first time in my life that I was the only guy in this fight that all I wanted were American troops in my coastline killing our hijackers in order to have another kind of political system so I can run my businesses in freedom and peace.

In that meeting – that was supposed to be about how to liberate Venezuela – everything was: We need so many millions for the young people of the universities, we need so many millions to fight for the prisoners, we need millions for medicines and humanitarian aid, we need so many millions for making another think tank etc, etc. And so on.

There were people from the Department of Defense, Department of State, people from USAID, in short: The Cream of Trump’s Administration taking notes and looking for ways to help us. To really help my poor and small country. We may have get millions (not me BTW) of dollars but we lost a great opportunity.

Meanwhile, the opposition elite had another objective, it was looking for ways to “break their arms” as we say Caracas for taking advantage of a richer person.

So… I get it” – I thought – “that’s the reason we have been trapped in this nightmare for 22 years long…”

After the meeting, many fake hugs and arrogant smiles among them, talking about how much money they made. when they turned to look down at me I noticed a certain contempt and secrecy.

But I acted normal and I left as fast as I could because I had a another meeting to attend, but that day I really knew what the Venezuelan “opposition” was made of. And why thirld world countries can’t prosper. They can’t see the forest for the tree.

I expected a Churchill-style dialogue at a high-level meeting between statesmen with goals and resolutions, I explained real problems and real solutions that involved an intervention in Venezuela, a place full of Iranian Terrorists, Narchs, Russian Weapons and the largest known Oil reserve in the world less than 4 hrs from American Soil.

I was the only one who did it. I was not there to get money. I felt like I was at a town market fair. Regrettable. Good thing I did not participate. I have always been the lone ranger for believing in my principles.

The good thing is that I wake up every day to look at myself in the mirror and I do not see a thief or an impostor, I see a man faithful to his principles. I lift my arm up for a clean conscience. Cheers. With a “Cuba Libre”. Always…

At that moment I felt that speaking about a military intervention would give me problems. Although I did it anyways, but in a comprenhensive and sneaky way (and when I mentioned the intervention the venezuelan “leadership” opened their mouths and peeled their eyes as open as they could, they made sure that I get no longer invitations to these types of high-level meetings).


I went to the American Embassy in Lima with a letter to Trump and a couple guys, saying the same thing and I have to say I added: “Stop supporting Guaido, you’re wasting the money tax-payers so hard work for”, that Embassy is very beautifull, totally different from the one they had in Caracas. A Fortress.

Couple months later I went to the American Embassy in Lima for another meeting at USAID office. A meeting I requested by the way. One guy called Jane or Jamie told me he was the Head Officer for the Venezuelan issue, he told me their whole strategy was to only support wathever the “Interim Government” of Guaido told them to support. In other words: “Leo, you’re not in the list, you better join them

Then, a couple weeks later (I don’t really remember the order or chronologies of these events) I sent an e-mail to several officials of the State Dept. talking about wanting to make a proposal about Venezuela that I had not been able to speak well (at the several meetings I had with the American Government in the past).

Only one of them answered me, several weeks later (and it was not Jimmy Story by the way), he told me in a couple of lines to try a channel that the White House would have enabled to make formal requests. That President Trump himself would read them. He sent me the link.

It was nothing too special. When the White House petition page existed (which the Biden Administration eliminated), literally anyone could petition the government, all they needed was an address in the US, be approved by the Administrator of that Program and well, this was the hard part, getting 100,000 signatures.

If it reached 100,000 signatures, it would be read in the Congress of the most powerful country in the world. “This is my last bullet. If it doesn’t work I will abandon the intervention idea

I started to write a long text explaining the reasons of why I believed at that time that a military intervention was necessary, I wrote about how the FARC, Hezbollah and ELN were controlling the territory, how the Cubans had infiltrated our Military, that Venezuelans had no mechanisms to get out of the dictatorship and how ineffective our opposition was (I also have a blog post about it) and I followed all the steps.

From the moment I received the e-mail until I wrote the whole text and submitted the petition, everything was very fast; It all happened in an hour! I felt like Simón Bolívar seeking foreign intervention in London to destabilize the Spanish Empire.

I honestly had nothing prepared, I was just outlining my opinion freely. For a moment I thought that such a proposal would be rejected because it did not include proofs, images or links, not even the text was justified or aligned, and although I can speak English, surely, because of the speed with which I did it, I probably made some mistakes. Indeed.

I couldn’t get out of my astonishment when I received an e-mail saying that my request had been published, literally the next day, that it was time to share it on my Social Media. I thought at that time “Hopefully this will become massive, surely the press will cover it, there’s no way the Venezuelans wouldn’t give this project a lot of relevance

I posted it on my Twitter, as in 15 WhatsApp freedom groups I was in (which I had to leave for mental health), I posted it on Telegram, I even took a screenshot and posted it on my Instagram. I was telling my Venezuelan acquaintances in Peru. And all my american pro-liberty friends (and I have a lot of them). To make it short, I spent a whole week disseminating the petition in order to get signatures.

It did not reach it’s goal, not halfway, not a quarter of the goal. Nobody shared it enough, it did not reach any influencer, not even those venezuelan personalities who are always talking about an intervention like Maria Corina, the Rumbo Libertad movement nor Marco Polesel.

I think there were also a lot of people interested, but they didn’t know how to sign or they got complicated because it was in English.

There were people who wrote to me saying that I could be the leader of the transition, others sent me death threats, such are politics… Such strange and unbridled passions awaken with politics in third world countries, do not take me wrong.

There were also people who created other requests for a military intervention instead of supporting mine, it was as if “if there has to be an intervention I want to be the chief, I’m not gonna let this bald dud get the credit“, the most incredible thing is that I did not care, and I signed those too LOL.

The truth is that after mine, several more were created, and they were approved!!!!, some about Alex Saab, others about deporting Chavez’s daughter, others about freezing Venezuelan money. But those requests did not reach their goals either. Not even 5% of their goal.


I exposed myself and my family for a lost cause. The Lord – always good and full of grace and truth – did not allow such a thing to become famous enough to make it happen. The reason why I regretted, and why I regret having done something like this, is because Venezuelans are not prepared for AN INTERVENTION. And I’m not just talking about the horrors of war. Let me explain-

After many unnecessary deaths of both civilians and innocents – collateral damages which there always are in war – by a foreign country that will possibly also lose young soldiers and tax money from its taxpayers, we – right after the war, perhaps the next day – We would vote indefinitely for a socialist.

It is too great a risk, which could involve several nations, which could end up with many innocent people. We do not really know what our destiny will be in the intervention, but we do know that after it we will choose socialism. Then it would be too much sacrifice in vain. People would vote for the socialists Barbie dolls of Capriles or Leopoldo.

Trump Administration is gone. That “petition” page no longer exists, it was absolutely deleted from the Internet. That opportunity was lost, to my consolation it went worst with patriots like Carmona Estanga or Oscar Perez, and those guys really risked their lives for this lost cause. And in the same way, nobody believed in them, nobody supported them. How could they support a Mr. Nobody like me?

This is the history of this small and forgotten country. Here the brave are abandoned, the Neomars and the Bassils are left alone. They left CAP in his second term when he was about to bring great opportunities and capitals to Venezuela, they rebelled against him with his “Caracazo” and gave him an impeachment as a reward, they abandoned Bolívar, Páez, MPJ.

He who desires the progress and wishes the good for Venezuela is the enemy of venezuelans and his destiny is to become execrated by the elite. Even more so, a guy behind a keyboard that doesn’t know anything like me.

Lemme put it this way: In a normal Venezuelan high school, when there was a student who was against the teachers for some injustice, everyone left him alone (even though knowing that the student is right and that the teachers are wrong). When a popular abuser messed with an unpopular innocent, the same thing happened. Majorities leave the innocent guy alone, for him to crash, and then laugh.

So that at the moment of the brave boy’s failure we can record a funny video and share it throughout the high school social media. This is a large part of Venezuela. This happens in the most wealthy high school in Caracas and in the poorest of Yaguaraparo. It is not fear of authority, it is mass cynicism.

When the deadline was met and I had not even 200 signatures, at that moment I understood that “the people had spoken“, the venezuelan people did not care about an intervention, but they care about a solution that does not work, that their socialist leadership tells them “at least we try it through legal means“, a weak and stupid leader who tells us that we are doing well and uses patriotic aphorisms, an idol that gives us hope indefinitely. That tweets cool things. Yes. A Guaido.


And that’s why I decided to get away from the world of thirld world politics. I dedicate myself to my children, my interpreting businesses, my nonprofits and projects. I dedicate myself to my family. I go more to Church to cultivate my faith. It’s better to get out of that pod if you don’t have the popularity, the connections, the machinery, or the time.

Not only because the private sector can do more for the country and for a longer time …But because your youth can be lost in a lost cause. And life is very beautiful, very valuable and very short.

We have to do a mea culpa. We have what we deserve. The only way real change can take place in Venezuela is through a change in the mentality of Venezuelans. Eradicating the idea that “Big Brother” needs to take care of everyone, from the most wealthy guy in Las Mercedes, to the poorest guy in Petare.

This is not a new problem, we had had it since we began as a nation, that is why I always say that Chávez was unavoidable.

It is through the Battle of Ideas that we can ensure that if a change happens – if it ever happens – it won’t be in vain. The most extraordinary thing is that we carry so much corruption in our DNA that even the so called “Think Tanks” that should lead the Battle of Ideas in Venezuela have become businesses and threads of cronyism where they charge a lot of money for making programs that do not have any impact in the population.

Remember the holocaust didn’t started with gas chambers, started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen.

However, let’s move on. This is a war for minds and hearts. We will only get the change we want by educating, planting values and teaching people that there is a better way to live than welfare, opportunism and migrancy. The light will overcome darkness… At last.




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